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We are happy to answer all your questions, so you get a clear picture of ​​who we are and whether Kindergarden suits you. You may find some answers already on our FAQ page. There you can read more about our opening times, rates or our planning policy. Do you prefer personal contact or do you have a question that is not listed? Call us (between 8:30 AM and 17:30 PM) on 020-423 54 22 or complete this form. We will contact you by phone as soon as possible. We are happy to explain in person how our planning policy works what is included in the rates for our childcare.

Maybe take a tour?

Are you curious about our pedagogical policy? Would you like an explanation about our interior design, the specific Kindergarden toys or our warm lunch? Then it might be nice to first take a look at a Kindergarden centre. You can request a tour here.

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