Are you stopping by to take a look?

Great! We are keen to let you experience that you have come to the right place for the care of your son or daughter. That is why we are happy to show our centres. How does it work in the group? What do the toys look like? What is the pedagogical policy? Does the centre only have a day care centre or also after school care, and what are the benefits of this?

During a tour you gain a comprehensive understanding of our method. We try to answer all your questions, for example about safety, sleeping or nutrition. We ask questions just the same, maybe even about topics you might not have thought of. We do this to find out what your priorities are. This open communication is the basis of our cooperation and the best for your child.

I actually have a few more questions before I want to visit

Do you want to know if and when we have space at the centre of your choice? Or do you have questions about matters such as opening times, day rhythm or costs of childcare at Kindergarden? Then it is useful to first fill in the More information form or call us on 020-423 54 22. You can also check our FAQ page. Maybe your question (and the answer) is already there.

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Yes, I would like to visit

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